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Welcome to American Vigilance. Produced and hosted by a 20 year veteran in the Hollywood Industry, this Podcast was created to protect the promise of America for your children. 

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Aug 24, 2021

If you broke down the active users on Twitter, it would amount to about 16 million people with 159,00 "influencers." The vast majority of these people are on the Left, and the people who run Twitter lean heavily Left.

If Twitter were a country, it wouldn't be big enough to be its own country; if Twitter were a state,...

Aug 11, 2021

The Left's plan to hijack our country's culture has been decades in the making. How did they do it?

STEP 1: Make you believe your views violate the rules of polite company

STEP 2: Make you believe your views equal harm and / or violence

STEP 3: Make you believe if you remain silent & don't support their views, you're...

Aug 5, 2021

The Olympics once again open up with a song inspired by the Communist Manifesto.

Simone Biles decides to withdraw from the team competition, but it's not about what she did or why she did it as much as the way the media is framing this situation to influence our culture.

If you want to know about the dangerous trends...